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The way we put them together is the secret sauce!

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Data Visualization Dashboards

Navigating Multiple Data Sources

  • Most data comes from multiple sources with unique structures, formats, privacy restrictions, etc.
  • In many cases insights and actionability depend on their integration 
  • It is thus important to be connect all the care that is meaningful to key stakeholders in your business
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Measuring what matters

  • Measuring your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) is the most fundamental aspect of any data visualization software 
  • A measurement framework that identifies the right metrics and integrates them into actionable dashboards can be a key competitive differentiator

Prediction Engine

  • Today’s data visualization software providers may have AI prediction capabilities included or they are available as a seperate SAAS 
    • In some cases, the integration of an Advanced AI platform (like Rapidminer) can be seemlessly integrated into the core dashboards

    Publishing data and reports

    • How the data and reports are democratized throughout the organization is among the key ways that data visualization software is differentiated

    Analyzing complex patterns 

    • The connected data contains multiple opportunities to gain deeper insights on your customers than a single source of data
    • The ability to easily analyze your data by controlling different variables is one way that BI software sets themselves apart
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      Event triggers and real-time alerts

      • Interesting things happen when they happen.  The trick is to anticipate them and set up a trigger report when they do.
        • Key decision makers can take action when an exception or an anomaly happens

        DREAM is our tech integration process


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        Dashboard success is built by working effectively with people, not just machines.

        We believe in collaborate engatement

        We begin the DREAM process by gaining an understanding of your business challenges and identifying new opportunities. We show how your desired outcomes can be harnessed through data, technology, and analytics with enthusiasm about quantifying the impact of closing performance gaps and growing your share of the pie.

        Once we have a general understanding of your data, we continue our DREAM process by developing a business intelligence roadmap that includes best practices in design, dashboard development, analytics, implementation, and measurement. Our dashboards are easy to navigate, so they get used, and actionable, so they impact your bottom line.

        While we are creating your dashboard, our development process is highly collaborative — we call it Iterative Dashboard Development (IDD).  This means there are never any surprises, because each dashboard is customized to fit your business like a glove.

        After every engagement, we stay connected with you to ensure your business continues to reap the benefits of increased revenue, lowered costs, and mitigated risks. 

        We design and implement business intelligence dashboards that help businesses tell a story with their data and take action on the insights

        Microsoft Power BI

        Low Cost

         MS Office 365 Integrated

        Easy ETL

        Best suited for small to medium-sized businesses

        Salesforce Tableau

        Deep Drilldowns

        Complex Data Handling

        Large Volume of Data

        Best suited for medium to enterprise-level businesses

        Why newData?

        newData is a Nashville Data Visualization services company that gives our business customers a choice among top BI providers.  On the higher-end of the pricing spectrum we offer Tableau.  On the other end of the pricing spectrum, we offer Power BI.  While both solutions are loaded with useful features and capabilities, Tableau tends to be better suited for large organizations where the integration of large data sets is important.  This software tool offers more advanced analytical and predictive modeling integration capabilities than Power BI.  However, we also find that with the right integration, Power BI serves the needs of most small to medium-sized businesses.

        You may delay but time will not.  

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