newData helps businesses increase revenue, decrease costs and mitigate risks using personalized and affordable industry-leading optimization solutions.

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Search Engine Optimization

Increase your website’s traffic and conversions organically
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Predictive Modeling

Gain a competitive edge by predicting future events
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Data Visualization

Identify meaningful patterns,  trends, and outliers in data 
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Staff Augmentation

Grow your analytics team with nearshore data science talent
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Pay Per Click (Google Ads)

Reach your target audience before your competitors do
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Website Optimization

Increase your website’s page experience and performance

You may be throwing away your hard-earned money if you’re not optimizing your data…

Nashville New Data

Our optimization solutions serve different customer needs


predictive modeling

closing gaps in performance

data visualization

using internal data for decision making

staff augmentation

enhancing data science and technical resources 

Search engine optimization

Appearing on THE first page of a google search

Google ads

optimizing and managing google ad budget

Why newData?

proven Technology implementation process
Analytically and Technologically experienced staff

Our  edge


Our solutions increase revenue, decrease costs and mitigate risks.  They are of the highest quality, competitively priced and backed by a money-back guarantee!
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Depending on the problem we’re trying to solve, at newData we optimize performance using ridiculously fast and streamlined technology.  This is why we are ultimately agnostic about the tools we use.

Of course, like most businesses, we do have our favorites when it comes to software.  However, we have found that, by challenging the tools in our tech stack, we can stay a step or two above the market and be confident that we are providing the best value to our clients.

From idea conception to deployment, efficiency is built into each of our data-optimized solutions — it’s part of our DNA.


personalization in data science
Tailored to our clients’ specific needs, our solutions focus on solving business challenges using talented people and advanced data-optimization technologies.
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At newData, automation is never a “one-size-fits-all” solution.  To eleviate the natural tension between automation and personalization, our solutions strike a balance between the cost-saving advantages of automation and efficiency gains achieved through personalization.  All of our solutions reflect the uniqueness of our cllients’ businesses and competitive envioronments.


We innovate by creating proprietary data science, staffing and search engine solutions using proven technologies and deployment processes.
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At newData, innovation enables us to increase the performance of our ever-expanding list of data optimization solutions.  A quality mindset surrounds how we creatively and intelligently do our work.  Because cost minimization is always a constraint, this means that our solutions are aslo developed and deployed as efficiently as possible. Innovation equates to value, which ultimately translates into a competitive edge for our clients.

"New Data created market-ready insights that drove measurable value for our clients."

Alan Gorenstein, Global Head of Analytics

"We provide data science for Expedia and other companies, yet, when things are tough, I have found myself reaching out to newData"

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Flint McGlaughlin, CEO

"We observed a significant improvement in sales and new customer conversions using a predictive model built and deployed by newData"

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Thomas Johansen, Managing Director

“If I had an hour to solve a problem I’d spend 55 minutes thinking about the problem and 5 minutes thinking about solutions.”

~ Albert Einstein

Our  guarantee

With the passion and dedication of a small business, newData’s personalized solutions will help your business increase revenue, decrease costs or mitigate risks.