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We offer transparently priced dashboard-creation solutions developed by Microsoft Gold Partner certified software engineers. The first step is a conversation about how a professional dashboard can help you increase revenue, lower costs and mitigate risks.  Call us today! 

Multiple Platforms 

Armed with an intuitive Graphic User Interface (GUI), Power BI Desktop  is free for life app.  You can use it to connect to multiple data sources, clean and transform the data, and, of course, visualize your data to glean useful insights. No coding required at all.  

In today’s ubiquitous data environment, connecting to data sources is essential.  Fortunately, this is where Power BI delivers as well using native connectors without the hassle and expense of ETL procedures.  The pool of data repositories that are compatible with Power BI Desktop grows every day.  

And, yes.  The visualizations are impressive too.  They can be securely shared within your organization or just as securely outside.  


Harness the power of Power BI by quickly and easily producing client reports, data visualizations, and advanced analytics from within your own applications. By branding Power BI as your own, you are able to automate the monitoring, management and deployment of these features, which not only increases efficiency and accuracy, but also reduces the need for development time and resources.

As you would expect, Power BI works across mobile devices (IOS, Android and Windows).  The main idea for the mobile app is to view reports.  The reports, created using Power BI Desktop and published using Power BI Services, give the right users access when they need them to make descisions or monitor a particular activity.  The reports are suprisingly easy to read and  interactive.

If you’re ready to have a conversation on how we can help your business empower your employees with actionable data, give us a call.  We are happy to help.

Slice and dice your data to keep track / take action on  important trends, customer triggers, fraudulent activities, and new opportunities.  Also known as Power BI Online or Power BI.com, app.powerbi.com is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) that is licensed on a subscription basis and is hosted on a centralized server.  

The main idea is that Power BI Service is publishing existing dashboards and reports to securely share with stakeholders within and outside your organization.  The display tiles make drilling down easy.

newData makes the implementation fast and easy. We also do it reliably and cost effectively.

Power BI Licensing

Power BI licensing can be confusing not only for new users but also for people who are using it for some time. Our Power Bi consultants regularly hear related questions from clients. Therefore here are the answers for FAQs to demystify the Power BI license types 

Is Power BI Free?

Power BI is free.  Just download it from the Microsoft site and start using it.  It is a full version of the software without the sharing capabilities.  

Can I deploy Power BI reports to the Power BI service?

Yes, and it’s free.  All you have to do is open a free account and you’re all set.  

What is the Power BI Pro License?

A Power BI Pro license is needed when a Power BI Desktop report is shared.  Both the sender and recipient are required to have a Power BI Pro license, inside or outside an organization.


What is the cost of licensing?
Please see the Power BI Software Pricing section for details.
What is the Power BI Premium capacity

Power BI Premium or Premium Capacity is suitable for organization with large number of users. It costs $4,995 per month. Equivalent to 500 Pro licenses, though this is not exact comparison as Premium come with some other features which may be interesting for you.

No user needs Pro license if the report is created using Premium capacity.

Our Microsoft BI Consultancy team will help you to calculate ROI for Premium capacity.

Do I need license for Power BI embedding?

Power BI embedding is another way to get rid of licensing but it is costlier. Basic plan for 24×7 reports availability will cost you around $720 per month. This may go up significantly depending upon number of users and reports.

How can I buy Power BI Pro license?

If you are admin for your Office 365 account, it is quite simple to purchase and assign Pro license. You need to go to the Office 365 admin console to do that.   

Our Power BI Consultants will be able to clarify any more questions you have and will help you to make right choice.

We are a friendly company to work with & we provide useful advise to the customers on how to make their products better & compete with other products in the market. customers on how to make their products

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