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What we do for our SEO customers is fully transparent.  Gain valuable insight through your organic, customized SEO activity report each month.

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While organic SEO takes a little patience, we understand the tools that can grow your business to reach heights you never imagined.  We love organic SEO.

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We offer SEO services that provide you with the most efficient tools proven to facilitate the most growth for your business, such as:


On-page SEO


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Authoritative Backlinking


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Blog Outreach


Backlink Diversification


Keyword Research & Analysis


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Nashville SEO Company

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The one constant in the search world is that algorithms keep changing.  To maintain top ranking for your branded keywords,  it’s imperative to keep no stone unturned: everything must be done right.  Loosely speaking, SEO  can be split into on-page and off-page SEO.  If you’re interested to learn more, please click on these tabs on this section.  

newData aspires to be the best SEO company Nashville has to offer.  The next time you search for keywords like SEO services Nashville or SEO agency Nashville or SEO company Nashville on Google, you can see for yourself why we are number one.

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On-Page SEO


As the name implies, on-page SEO concerns the pages on your actual website.  Whether your website is used to sell online or is informational, it is always a reflection of your brand.  For search engines, keywords are a summarized version of your brand’s messaging to new and returning visitors.  Our SEO experts ensure that the pages on your site include the right number of prioritized keywords, also referred to as keyword density. Too many keywords (keyword stuffing) is a negative for SEO.  Of course, a website cannot include keywords alone.  They must be infused with compelling content that is both relevant and informative to your visitors.  The prized possession for search engines is original content.

A sitemap is your website’s blueprint for search engines use to locate and then crawl pages. Because this is time-consuming, search engines also index your pages to speed up the search for websites in general.  There are different types of site maps – one for written words (this is the most common type and usually written in XML, others for videos  and images.  Search engines like Google and Bing use site maps to structure the location of pages of websites. 

The importance of how fast a page on a website loads cannot be overstated.  Fortunately, we help optimize your website so that it loads as quickly as possible.  In some cases, the performance is due to issues unrelated to your website’s design but associated with where your website is hosted, the theme you use, the number of plugins, etc. 

A canonical URL prevents the duplication of the same content with different URLs.  It is used to inform search engines which version of your website’s pages to use. 

Having internal links improves the user’s experience by showing related content.  While there are no set rules or standards for internal links, search engines value them.  What is important here is to have internal links that help your visitor navigate rather than having internal links to satisfy what one believe search engines may value.  To give any link meaning to visitors, it is advisable to have short meaningful descriptions of any URL known as anchor text. 

A header tag is used to differentiate your written content of a page on your website.  For example, an H1 heading tag is your main top – for example, the title of a page.  A next level heading is your H2 heading tag, often referred to as a subheading.  This is followed by H3, H4, H5, H6 and paragraph tags.  Search engines have guidelines regarding how many of a particular type of tag to use and in what order they should be used. 

newData provides a 31-point checklist for on-page SEO.  Because of its importance in your overall search engine strategy, it is included in any organic SEO package we offer. 

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Off-Page SEO

Off-page SEO concerns the optimization of your website’s brand anywhere but your own website.  This is where most of our organic SEO work is conducted.

RSS feeds is a way to tell the world what has changed on your website.   For example, if you add, delete or change videos, images written content, or links on one or more of your pages on your website, this information gets uploaded automatically to an RSS submission directory.  You may recall that RSS used to stand for “Real Simple Syndication.”  This acronym has changed and currently stands for “Rich Site Summary.”  While not sufficient, our search engineers feel an RSS is one of those “must-have” SEO components that are necessary to help your website achieve improved rankings. 

The bulk of the off-page SEO centers on the creation of backlinks.  In the simplest of descriptions, backlinking refers to how one site links to another.  When a website has many other websites linking to it, this usually means there is something compelling going on. It is not just the number of websites that link to yours that matters but the quality of those links and where those links originate.  For example, someone may have commented about one of your products or services in a blog post.  Similarly, an entire blog written with original content about your website may be posted.  For search engines blog commenting and blog posting is an important determinant of your site’s ranking and online reputation. 

When it comes to the quality of quality of backlinks, you may be wondering what that really means.  For a search engine to direct users to your webpage usually means that there is a compelling reason to refer you.  It means that your website is a trusted source of relevant content.  One way that search engines assess the quality of the link is weighting the links by the popularity of the referral website or its pagerank.  The reality is that there are hundreds, if not thousands, of signals that are processed and analyzed by search engines to determine how trustworthy, relevant and authoritative the link is.  For reputable search engine providers like newData, it is as much an art as it is a science to keep up with the ever-changing measurement of a link’s quality. 

Another way your brand gets noticed I through article submissions.  Here, relevance and authority are factors that tell the search engines how to assess the quality of your articles.  Knowing where to submit an article is another critical piece of the SEO puzzle.  The social media component is another important facet of organic keyword promotion.  We offer a host of social media promotional services for our higher-tiered organic SEO packages, including Google My Business Account, Pinterest Wall Postings, Twitter Profiles, Facebook Groups, and YouTube Video Profiling to name a few. 

In last few years, videos have become more valuable to search engines.  Like written content, originality and relevance and  of the promoted videos matters.  For one thing, videos increase the time your visitors spend on your site and enhance their overall experience.  This increased engagement boosts your site’s popularity with search engines as a viable link source.  While videos are extremely popular today, it is important that your content keeps up with whatever medium is important in the future.  Like social media, your search engine strategy must be flexible and dynamic and continual.  It all matters.

Like blogs, posting and commenting on relevant forums is a must for many businesses.  Understanding what forums to post to and comment on is more important than sheer volume. 

Local and national business directories can give your website a massive organic SEO boost.  Fortunately, newData has a formidable foothold on commercial directories in the United States.  In fact, newData this capability is one of our comparative and differentiated competitive advantages for organic SEO.  While quality directory submissions can support your rankings on Google or Bing, we believe that it should be done irrespective of SEO.  In other words, the right directories can give your brand relevance without search engines. 

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Asking the right questions is half the battle


Are your competitors winning with SEO? If so, how?


Do your keywords adequately represent your brand?


Is your SEO budget getting its fair share of your overall marketing budget?


Are you actively monitoring your website's traffic? Where is coming from?

Getting Started

Our SEO process is transparent and predictable. What we do is complex but for you its really quite simple.


Our audit and analysis gives you a new lens to make an informed decision of what’s working with your SEO and what needs to be improved.


We help you identify and prioritize keywords that will give your brand the biggest boost in the shortest amount of time.


We help you identify and prioritize keywords that will give your brand the biggest boost in the shortest amount of time.


After you signup with newData, our SEO engineers and backlink content writers do all the work.  Focus on what you do best, and we’ll do the rest.


In a month, you’ll receive the fist in a series of monthly organic activity reports.  It is comprehensive and transparent.


As your visitors move down your sales funnel, you will not only see sales grow, know your audience and competitors.

What you get


Before we start your first campaign, we work together to identify keywords that reflect your brand and attract the right audience.


Each month you will get an SEMrush report, the gold standard for SEO insights.  In addition, you will receive a brief analysis on the basis of the report.


After finalizing the keywords and are given a green light to go forward with the campaign, we conduct a detailed analysis of your website using an extensive checklist.  We deliver this report within three days of campaign approval.  Along with the analysis, we deliver the benchmark ranking of the finalized keywords.


After receiving your approval to work on your website, we implement on-page SEO . Or, if you cannot give us permission to access your website, you will still get the analysis along with the required files should your own team implement the needful


Once the on-page is implemented, we implement the changes suggested in the 31-point checklist.  This includes most items, albeit not everything. For example, we do not add or edit content which may be needed but will help you understand what is needed.


At this stage, we get involved in back linking and other off-page SEO activities.  Without a question, this is where the majority of our time and efforts is spent.   For transparency, we ask for your approval for offsite content.


At the conclusion of each month, we provide you with a detail submission of all the activities we conducted on your behalf.  We also make suggestions to improve the keyword positioning.


  • Transparency at every stage of a structured yet flexible process
  • Confidence through SEO expertise
  • Results driven