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Meet Sara

On behalf of newData, welcome to our Data Visualization page.  I built the dashboards below using Tableau software.  If you have any questions, or would like to schedule a demo, please send me a note here.  

Sara Brewington

Sara Brewington

The balance between function and form

newData's data visualization solution enables you to focus on your business, not enabling it


  • Measurement and performance focused
  • User-friendly dashboard design
  • AI technology integration
  • Customized deployment options
  • User training
  • After sales support
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Dwight Schrute – The Office


Set Control


Seattle Rain 1948-2017

Tableau Dashboard

#WOW 2020 Week 9 – Special Buffer Functions


Periodic Table

Salesforce Opportunity Sankey Funnel

Tableau Dashboard

Fleetwood Mac

Edgar Alan Poe | The Short Stories


International Space Station Visitors


What should we watch?


Superstore Ternary


UFO Sightings


Starbucks Nutrional Information


#Workout Wednesday 2/19-51


QUESTION. What kind of Bear is Best?


#Workout Wednesday 2019-50

What do you get when you combine artificial intelligence and business intelligence technologies?

DREAM is our tech integration process


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Dashboard success is built by working effectively with people, not just machines.

We believe in collaborate engatement

We begin the DREAM process by gaining an understanding of your business challenges and identifying new opportunities. We show how your desired outcomes can be harnessed through data, technology, and analytics with enthusiasm about quantifying the impact of closing performance gaps and growing your share of the pie.

Once we have a general understanding of your data, we continue our DREAM process by developing a business intelligence roadmap that includes best practices in design, dashboard development, analytics, implementation, and measurement. Our dashboards are easy to navigate, so they get used, and actionable, so they impact your bottom line.

While we are creating your dashboard, our development process is highly collaborative — we call it Iterative Dashboard Development (IDD).  This means there are never any surprises, because each dashboard is customized to fit your business like a glove.

After every engagement, we stay connected with you to ensure your business continues to reap the benefits of increased revenue, lowered costs, and mitigated risks. 

We design and implement business intelligence dashboards that help businesses tell a story with their data and take action on the insights