How fast does your website load?

See how your site performs on GT Metrix and Google Page Speed Insights and reveal why it's slow and discover optimization opportunities.


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Google PageSpeed Insights


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Why the speed of your website matters…

  • Fewer missed sales opportunties (key metrics include bounce rates, abandonment rates, visitor retention, and various measures of engagement)
  • Improved brand perception
  • Lower hosting costs (many businesses try to solve their performance woes by upgrading their hosting plans)
  • Important for SEO (keyword ranking)

Broadly speaking, there are a two approaches to testing website speed:

  1. Emulated browser - Google Page Speed Insights
  2. Real browser - GTMetrix

It's best to test your website using both methods.

Differences between real and emulated browsers

An emulated browser is a software application that tries to imitate the functionality of a web browser. Generally, an emulated browser will have all the same features as a real web browser, including support for HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. However, an emulated browser may not be able to correctly render all web pages, and it may not support all the same plugins and extensions as a real web browser.


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