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newData can help your business augment your IT and data science teams with talented professionals at affordable rates.

What is nearshoring?

Comparison of labor sources

US FTEUS ContractorOffshoreNearshore
1. Cost
2. Timezone
3. Talent Pool
4. Language
5. Flexibility
  1. LOWER COST – Nearshore talent typically costs 20% to 40% less than comparable resources in the US and Europe
  2. SAME TIMEZONE – Costa Rica conveniently shares time zones with the US, allowing for seamless collaboration and increased productivity
  3. EXTENSIVE TALENT POOL –  newData is a data science and information technology recruiter, providing sought-after professionals from all over Central and South America
  4. BILIINGUAL – Our nearshore professionals are fluent in both English and Spanish, enabling clear communication and a shared cultural work ethic
  5. MORE FLEXIBILITY – Nearshoring is extremely flexible:
    • Easily scale up when you need to hire and down when you don’t
    • Acquire fully-vetted candidates fast (approximately two weeks)
    • Take the hassle out of technical recruiting – we do it all

Why newData?

  • Preferred US partner of Nova Comp, a leader in analytic recruiting in Costa Rica
  • Custom placement with decades of experience vetting top technical talent
  • Competitive placement costs compared to equivalent talent sourced in the US
  • newData is a US-based LLC company committed to our clients’ success

Frequently Asked Questions

What is nearshoring?

  • Nearshore outsourcing is a practice where businesses hire services from companies in adjacent or nearby countries. Our nearshoring partner, Novacomp, is based out of Costa Rica, conveniently located on the same time zone as the US (Mountain Time).  Also, you may want to read our blog: How to hire a techie? or
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What is Costa Rica’s time zone?

  • It’s really no different than working with someone in the United States. Costa Rica is on Mountain Time (UTC -6)

Why does Costa Rica stand out as a great nearshore destination?

Costa Rica has a lot to brag about. The population is well educated; the schools are compulsory and free. It boasts one of the highest literacy rates in Latin America: 98%. Costa Rica is ranked #1 in English proficiency in the region. Besides education, other interesting facts about Costa Rica:

  • Stable political and economic environment
  • Home to hundreds of tech companies
  • Flourishing medical technology
  • Committed to economic development
  • Draws talent from Central & South America
  • #1 Exporter of high value-added services (CINDE, 2019)
  • #1 for its education system (WEF, 2018)
  • #1 country in innovation according to the Global Innovation Index
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Who is newData’s partner in Costa Rica?

  • We partner with Novacomp, a leader in nearshoring since 1987

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