BUSINESS Analytics

Increase revenue, decrease costs and mitigate risks using our Ai platform

Business Intelligence

Visualize your business with simple, attractive, and actionable dashboards

Synthetic Data Generation

Create data from scratch or clone real data using our synthetic data generator

Data Science Staffing

Augment your existing team or establish a new data science function within your business



quality data science technologies


Competitively priced solutions and digital services


robust implementation process


decades of experience in delivering value


a genuine commitment to our clients’ success

Customers we target


Few or no data science resources


Unexplored Opportunities


Underutilized Data


gaps in performance


curious about how data science can help

Our  Edge


Change is the only constant


We adapt to a dynamic market by innovating in data science because we think its exciting to increase value for our clients


The competition is unrelenting


We stay ahead while being price competitive using amazing talent and advanced technology


No two businesses are alike


We address your businesses’ unique needs by custom-fitting our data science solutions or website optimization services

"We provide data science for Expedia and other companies, yet, when things are tough, I have found myself reaching out to newData"

Flint McGlaughlin, CEO

"newData created market-ready insights that drove measurable value for our clients."

Alan Gorenstein, Global Head of Analytics

Our  Difference

Our source of differentiation is our passionate people, the latest data science technology and a proven integration process. Our team has expertise in healthcare, financial services, retail, media, and the hospitality business sectors.  Our technology includes an Ai platform that effortlessly builds and deploys sophisticated predictive models, Bi dashboard development tools that combine the art and science of data visualization, and a proprietary synthetic data generator that enables a variety of interesting use cases.  We also help our clients augment their data science teams – or build a new data science team, using our network of onshore, nearshore and offshore technical recruiters.

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