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Cutting edge AI technology, expert domain knowledge, and passionate data scientists set us apart. Our proven integration process brings it all together.

AI Platform

prioritize strategies using scenario-based predictive modeling optimize the driversof business performance predict future outcomes withaccurancy andprecision 1,500+ nativealgorithms, dataprep and datascience functions built-in scenario- planning technology fast + easy model deployment with automation where needed reduce risks lower costs increase revenue BUSINESS NEEDS RESULTS Powered by rapidminer RESULTS

Enterprise AI technology for small to mid-sized businesses


Our AI platform can be deployed at the enterprise level but is also scalable to be effective for a smaller company. Our passion is helping small to mid-sized businesses with limited data experience, technological resources, and personnel achieve their business missions through data science innovations. We take the hassle and complexity out of AI so that you can focus on what your business does best.

Accuracy and Precision

The intersection of technology and seasoned data science professionals ensures that our clients get the most accurate and precise modeling solutions available. It also ensures that those solutions are customized to their specific business problems. 

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Automation and Speed

A key benefit of Rapidminer's AI platform is the increased speed and reduced costs that come along with process automation. Whether your goal is reducing the amount of manual data entry and error checking in structured or unstructured text, or the efficient deployment of models and the measurement of their impact, newData's data science team can leverage the full automation capabilities of our AI platform.

AI Platform

newData's AI engine is powered by Rapidminer, a world leader in Data Science and AI platforms. Our talented data science team leverages this platform to build and deploy powerful predictive models, segmentations, and simulations. We customize every solution without the expense.

Competitive Prices

AI is all about efficiency, which is why our solutions aim to perform tasks faster and with fewer errors. This fundamental concept translates to how we work, too, in that our solutions cost less to develop and result in higher quality at lower prices for our customers. When we save money, so do you.

What do you get when you combine AI and BI technologies?

Whenever you consider machine learning Nashville is the new tech hub and the home of  newData is a Nashville AI consulting firm that optimizes the performance using an advanced  machine learning platform that offers a range of proven data optimization solutions to of small and medium-sized businesses.  Many business challenges can be overcome and opportunities discovered by our top notch data scientists.  They are hardworking, curious and fun people who build customized AI solutions deployed on the cloud and on-premises.  If you're ready to take the modeling plunge, please contact us so that we can schedule a demo.  Or, if you already have a data science capability but want to take it to the, let us know and we'll hook you up your team with next level bleeding edge technology.  

Modeling use cases

Fraud detection

Risk managers decrease losses by predicting fraudulent transactions using powerful anomaly detection algorithms and synthetic data to establish baseline performance.

Customer acquisition

Marketing managers at banks increase revenue by predicting profitable customer segments likely to respond to specific digital and traditional marketing solicitations.

Customer retention

Marketing and operations managers minimize lost revenue by proactively implementing retention strategies for accounts likely to churn.

Customer behavior

Marketing managers increase customer engagement by personalizing messages to behaviorally-based segments while risk managers ensure that the default risk of customers in these segments do not exceed a pre-defined or dynamic threshold.


Marketing managers increase existing account profitability by identifying the “next-best action” based on the customer’s expectations, propensities, and likely behavior.


Collection managers increase debt collected by predicting which delinquent loans are mostly likely to be recovered.

Better cash/liquidity planning

Credit managers track past usage patterns  of customers at ATMs, branches, and online locations to predict the relevance of new liquidity instruments that may better serve their needs.

Marketing optimization

The marketing team can utilize past multi-channel campaigns to inform how the overall budget can be allocated and to target customers with right message at the right time.

Customer Lifetime Value (LTV)

A customer's lifetime value provides information about how long to expect the customer to stay with the bank and how much income the bank is likely to generate. Predictive models can move customers' profitability and retention by identifying the attributes of the best customers.

Application screening

New account specialists process huge volumes of applications, without excluding important variables, without delays or errors, and without growing tired -- all with regularity and steadiness.

Disease diagnosis and prediction

Medical professionals improve the healthy outcome of patients by decreasing the misdiagnoses of diseases and increasing the accuracy of prognoses

Operating room bottlenecks

Clinicians combine real-time data with information about event scheduling to improve workflows, the timeliness and relevance of important notifications, and the handoff of a patient from one area to the next.

Symptoms and health concerns

Chatbots improve health outcomes of patients by listening to symptoms and health concerns and then guiding patients to the correct care based on their diagnosis.

Over-prescription of antibiotics to babies

Nurses apply the results of a predictive model using a risk calculator that better targets newborns who are at the highest risk for sepsis without exposing those at low risk to antibiotics.

Earlier cancer detection

Oncologists improve patient survival rates by improving the quality of screenings, diagnostic tests, and blood work.

Research-enhanced insights

Radiologists improve patient survival rates by augmenting their diagnoses with the latest cancer research through analyzing scanned images and comparing them to findings.

Care transitions after surgeries

Hospital administrators reduced lengths of stay for patients receiving total hip and knee replacements by predicting which patients required inpatient rehabilitation and which would successfully recover at home.

Machine Learning (ML) is no longer a "nice to have" for manufacturers. To remain competitive, ML is a neccessity for manufacturers to optimize factory workflows, forecast demand for products and components, minimize product defects, and reduce production and supply chain disruptions. 

Demand forecasting

Forecast demand for manufactured products or components to allocate resources most profitably.

Maintenance planning

Proactively anticipate maintenance needs by predicting unscheduled workflow disruptions.

Product design

Reduce warranty claims by improving product design based on historical service patterns.

Customer insights

Segment customers based on product features, support logs, pricing, and competitive offerings.

Environment, health, and safety (EHS) risk

Reduce EHS risk by predicting the drivers of non-compliance.

We’re excited to add use cases for many industries.

Please be patient as we grow!

We’re excited to add use cases for many industries.

Please be patient as we grow!

Using past data to predict what is likely to happen in the future, identify actionable insights, and intervene to reduce costs, increase revenue, and mitigate risks.

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