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Minimize costs using our optimized Google AdWords bidding process.

Basics of paid search (PPC / Google Ads)

Paid search engine advertising is one of the fastest ways to reach potential customers. While It is relatively easy to set up the basic components, it is time-consuming and very difficult to optimize your investment. Dominated by Google, this form of digital advertising is also known as Pay-Per-Click (PPC). newData focuses exclusively on Google Ads (Google’s PPC brand). We give you a way to get in touch with a much larger audience without the hassle and expense of managing the bidding and keyword optimization processes. Targeted advertisements appear within search results when someone searches for a particular product or keyword with the goal of driving customers directly to your website.

Paid or Organic Search?

Both SEO and PPC are based on keywords used to search for content on the internet.  SEO takes months to achieve results.  PPC is immediate.  With SEO, it is best to start locally before venturing nationally.  By contrast, even a small business can compete against the “big boys” to get results at a national or even global scale.  Since PPC and SEO can help businesses improve performance, newData offers both services.  Given a choice, however, newData usually prefers SEO because the long-term benefits of organic search typically outweigh the benefits achieved using paid search.  That said, it is not a zero-sum game, and we firmly believe that each play a role in any viable digital marketing strategy.

The Mechanics of PPC

 By bidding on ad placement for a specific keyword, you can get your ad placed higher in the search results when a potential customer searches that keyword. For example, if you are considering taking a vacation in the US and enter the search, “vacation in the US,” the top results will always be Google Ads. Every time someone clicks on one of these ads, the company that paid to have the ad appear so high in the search results page (SERP) is charged an established fee. This fee is based on a real-time bidding process that considers the maximum amount for a particular keyword and the total monthly PPC budget. The advertiser only pays when the user clicks, irrespective of whether they buy or not.  The management and optimization of keywords can be time-consuming and extremely complex. This is the main reason we do not advocate a DIY approach to PPC.


PPC can be very powerful.  In our example, let’s say that the rate per click is $2 and, five people click on your link.  You will be billed $10.  Let’s say that one person immediately leaves your site (bounces), two others peruse but don’t buy anything, but the other two people spend $200 each on your site.  You have now generated $390 in incremental sales for spending just $10 on advertising.  Not too bad!


Why Google Ads?

As you already know, Google is by far the most popular search engine.  This means it can reach more audiences than any other PPC provider*.  It is also the reason  newData focuses on Google-Ads as its PPC solution.  Given a choice between paid and organic search, however, newData normally advocates for the long-term SEO solution.  That said, if your business needs immediate results and wants to take on major competitors’ keywords, Google Ads is a viable strategy.  We also advocate for running a paid campaign from branded keywords. 

Let us help you optimize your overall search campaign — including your PPC budget where that makes sense.  We will help you fully leverage the Google platform where you can reach your  intended audiences fast and efficiently.

*The top search engines are Google, Bing, Baidu, Yahoo, Yandex, Ask, and DuckDuckGo.


Advantages of PPC

  • Immediate impact from your PPC investment
  • Highly targeted keywords
  • Compete against industry giants
  • Full control over cost depending on your monthly budget
  • Full control over your campaign (keyword choices, ad copy, and landing page)
  • Real-time testing capability
  • Numerous reports and metrics to make tweaks to your ads
  • Easy attribution of financial impact by calculating ROI for each keyword
  • Change keywords based on popularity and trends
  • Easier to manage than SEO

    Disdvantages of PPC

    • Heavy competition for prized keywords drives up bidding and costs
    • Massive budgets of large businesses eclipse bids from smaller players
    • PPC does not increase organic search rankings
    • Impact of PPC ends after the campaign is over (SEO glow lingers)
    • As with SEO, PPC can be complicated to set up and maintain correctly
    • PPC practices change, so must keep up with changes so you can stay competitive
    • Finding the right keyword is not easy (clicks don’t necessarily translate to positive ROI)
    • Ad blockers are growing in popularity, decreasing the reach of this marketing vehicle
    • Managing PPC campaigns is tedious / time consuming (requires constant monitoring)
    • Extensive knowledge of PPC configurations and bidding options required to be effective (maximize ROI)

      Key components of PPC


      Each click from a Google Ad needs to drive the user to a specific landing page on your website.  This page needs to include a compelling call to action that entices the searcher to accept your specific offer…and drive a sale for your business.  Many headaches can be avoided if your landing page and your ad messaging are in harmony.



      As with SEO, Keywords are the backbone of any PPC campaign. Google prioritizes websites for a given paid keyword based on a real-time bidding process.  Since you pay each time a user clicks on your ad, it is important that you buy the keywords that help reach the right audiences to drive engagement with your brand and to increase revenue.  

      Most strategies focus on keywords that encourage users to click on your ad.  In contrast, negative keywords are words or phases that, when input by the searcher,  trigger Google not to display your ad.   For example, if your business sells website design services,  you probably don’t want graphic designers looking for their next gig to click on your ad.  In this case, you could list the word “job” as a negative keyword so that your ad won’t display to people searching for “website design jobs.”

      The problem is that appealing keywords are also attractive to your competitors. Every paid keyword goes into Google’s bidding process based on each bidders’ maximum bidding price and monthly PPC budget. Other factors and trends impact popularity and price, such as day and time and competitiveness of the keywords.  Knowing how to manage this dynamic process is both art and science.   

      AD COPY

      Ad copy is the specific verbiage (content) that pulls together and explains all of the components of your PPC campaign. You will also need to ensure that it contains the most recent keywords and landing page updates, meaning that your ad copy needs to change as your campaign evolves. A good way to test different versions of your ad copy is to test their effectiveness against similar audiences.  Google Ads has robust A/B testing for ad copy built into their platform.  


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      UPTO 150
      Targeted Keywords
      No Contract - Monthly Pricing$318/Mo
      $225 One Time Fee
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      $450 to $899
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      Targeted Keywords
      No Contract - Monthly Pricing$424/Mo
      $225 One Time Fee
      Adwords PriceGoogle Ads Budget
      $900 to $2,699
      200 to 300
      Targeted Keywords
      No Contract - Monthly Pricing$593/Mo
      $300 One Time Fee
      Adwords PriceGoogle Ads Budget
      $2,700 to $4,499
      300 to 400
      Targeted Keywords
      No Contract - Monthly Pricing$874/Mo
      $450 One Time Fee
      Adwords PriceGoogle Ads Budget
      $4,500 to $8,999
      400 to 500
      Targeted Keywords
      No Contract - Monthly Pricing$1272/Mo
      $675 One Time Fee
      Adwords PriceGoogle Ads Budget
      $9,000 to $17,999
      500 to 600
      Targeted Keywords
      No Contract - Monthly Pricing$1590/Mo
      $825 One Time Fee
      Adwords PriceGoogle Ads Budget
      $18,000 to $22,499