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newData’s Website Optimization Solution can help you get an “A” on your report card

F for Fail

We speed up WP websites by diagnosing and addressing performance issues one obstacle at at time

Many of our customers have tried everything to speed up their websites, including…

  • Image optimization
  • Optimization using plugins like WP Rocket and LiteSpeed
  • Switching hosts
  • Eliminating plugin conflicts
  • CSS and Java Script minification

But it didn’t do the trick. 

    Did you know…

    The ideal website loading time is less than 2 seconds. Each millisecond beyond 2 seconds increases the average bounce rate significantly. For those who are willing to deal with a slow website, are less likely to engage with your content and convert.

      Why the speed of your website matters…

      • Fewer missed sales opportunties (key metrics include bounce rates, abandonment rates, visitor retention, and various measures of engagement)
      • Improved brand perception
      • Lower hosting costs (many businesses try to solve their performance woes by upgrading their hosting plans)
      • A critical element to rank your website’s keywords using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 

      Why newData?

      newData is a Nashville website optimization business with the expertise to diagnose and improve the performance of slow WordPress websites.  Our website speed optimization experts systematically remove obstacles relying on years of experience minimizing loading times by optimizing videos, Woocommerce, plugins, content delivery networks (CDNs like Cloudflare), etc.   

      Many of our satisfied customers have have achieved performance success with our WP Website Optimization Solution

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